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Blog Posts

We craft amazing blog posts to draw your clients in, inform your employees, and make you sound wonderful.


Web Content

We can create content for your website and social media presence that really reflect who you are and what you do.


Capability Statements

We will give you the words to promote your business, learning your business to develop your tone.



Inform your clients and employees in informative, entertaining, and approachable ways with us. 

What We Believe

Good content grows businesses, bad content destroys them.

We have a pretty simple philosophy here at Jordan Oldbury Copywriting. We only do what we’re good at and we’re good at what we do. 
We aren’t in this to make squillions of dollars, retire at 30, and live out our days on a yacht in the Bahamas. We want to help the small to medium companies grow, use our skills to make our clients’ lives easier, and work with companies that share our values of:

Ethics before Profits
Support the Little Guy
Make a Positive Difference

As content creation requires us to really get to know you and your business, develop personal ties to your brand, and to speak with your voice, we only work with clients we feel we can develop long-term, trusting relationships with. 

We aren’t just marketers, we’re experienced in all sorts of things, so we can craft content for your industry quickly, competently, and with a smile on our faces. 
We’re also excellent researchers, so if we don’t know your business right away, we will. 

Our Story

Jordan Oldbury and the Words of Wonder

Ok, it all began on a dark and stormy night. The night that makes a man think over his life decisions and ponder the future. The rain pattered against the windows like an over-anxious skeleton drumming their fingers on a desk. The noise distracted Jordan from his adequately pretentious book of and startled awake an idea in him. An idea long dormant. Like a dragon. Or some other dormant thing.
Why not write stuff for other people and get them to pay you for it?

Genius. Brilliant. Beautiful. Just words he used to describe himself. All he had to do was convince other people he was those things too. And then write stuff for them. And take money from them.

So, with his pen in hand, he realised he’d save a lot of time using technology. So, putting the pen down, he picked up a laptop, made a website, wrote some stuff, and of a snappy business name. Something clever, witty, unique. A flash of lightning, literal and metaphorical, struck, and he had it. He finally had it.

Jordan Oldbury Copywriting was born.

There was an immediate success. He wrote some stuff for some people he already knew who paid him a of cash. Somewhere, Jeff Bezos woke from a disturbed sleep, he sensed a potential new World’s Richest Person being born.
And so the story continues on, Jordan fills the world with clever content and his pockets with gold.

Specialist Experience  

Human Resources | Health and Safety | Marketing | Manufacturing | Mental Health | FIFO | Recruitment | Politics | Business Management | Recruitment | Fiction | Entertainment | Music

Qualified and Published

Jordan Oldbury is a degree qualified writer, with supplementary postgraduate qualifications in Health and Safety, Human Resources, and Marketing.

He has also been published in a variety of places, both online and in print. You can see a few samples below.

The Guardian

Check it out





What Our Clients Say

We love feedback. We want to hear how we can improve so we can deliver an even better service, but, we have to admit, we also love being showered with praise.

“I am a placeholder client quote. Jordan is waiting for permission to post client feedback, he’s so wonderful it will definitely be here soon.

Anna Johnson

Get In Touch.  We Want To Help.

The Copywriter

Ok, we’ve used ‘we’ a lot on this website, but we’re actually a one man band. 

Jordan Oldbury

The Copywriter

Jordan has written everything, from marketing documents to operating manuals to political news pieces to books. 

He has worked in marketing, safety, HR, and senior management roles and uses his wealth of experience and creative writing ability to produce content for small to medium businesses.







Latest News

This is our blog section. Like all good websites, we have a blog. If you don’t have a blog, what are you doing mate? Honestly, if you’re a small to medium business, a weekly blog post is the easiest way to become visible to thousands of potential clients. Get in touch now!

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