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What is Copywriting?

 Copywriting is an ancient and mystical art passed down through the generations to those deemed worthy to receive its most sacred of teachings.

OK, it’s not really like that at all. But it is a skill. It’s the content you see pretty much anywhere and everywhere you interact with a business. 

The words on the website, that’s copy. The text in the marketing emails, .that’s copy. The social media posts, that’s copy. The speech the company owner gives, that’s copy. The voiceover on that awesome training video you watched, yep. you guessed it, that’s copy too.

Good copy doesn’t just happen though. Think about all those awful websites you’ve visited where things sounded awful, the writing was obtuse and childlike, and the tone was mismatched and off. It’s a copywriters job to identify you brand and make you sound consistent and appealing.

The Copywriting We Do

We do a lot of different types of copy here. We’re experienced in most aspects of writing and have a lot of business knowledge to back up our content. We can help you with:

Website Copy and Architecture


SEO Copywriting

Toolbox Talks


Marketing Material

Brand Bibles

Features and Articles

Video Copy


Most Other Things (Just Ask)


Contact Us For A Free Assessment

We’re happy to provide you with a free analysis of your copy at the moment and offer suggestions to improve. We can also point you in the direct of other copywriters if we don’t think we have the expertise to help you.