The Universal Guide to Human Racing

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The Universal Guide to Human Racing follows public relations expert Tim Bloom as he helps his most difficult client yet, God, win an election and save the world. A satirical fantasy story that draws inspiration from Terry Pratchett, falls well short of Douglas Adams and plagiarises The Bible for a tale of Trumpian politics and world ending drama. Tim Bloom is a miserable PR expert suffering a crisis of conscience when a mysterious stranger enters his life and thrusts him into a universe of religion, ethics, morality, and what it means to be human. Tim finds himself running the campaign of his life against a famous business and reality TV mogul who hides a secret and will say and do anything to secure an election win. Tim and God embark on a worldwide adventure to prevent the enslavement of the human race while a hidden enemy works in secret to stop the election completely and take control of Earth. Join God and Tim on a journey of biblical proportions as they campaign hard to save the world.

The Universal Guide to Human Racing is a 5 star Amazon reviewed novel by Perth based author Jordan Oldbury. It’s available in eBook, paperback, and limited hardback versions from all good retailers.