5 Good Things A Perth Copywriter Actually Does

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A Perth Copywriter
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To Be A Perth Copywriter

When I embarked on my mission to become a Perth copywriter, I found myself having to explain what a copywriter actually does, how one could possibly work as a copywriter in Perth, and how copywriting and copyright are completely different things.

So to clear up the confusion, and in case you can’t be bothered to read the information on my homepage, I’m going to hopefully explain just how I manage to be a copywriter in Perth and what sorts of things I will and won’t do for money.

Copywriting – The Lost Art

Ok, it’s not really lost I suppose. It is quite mysterious though. If you say you’re a copywriter to the average person in Perth, they immediately start talking about copyrighting. That’s the beauty of the English language, and one example of why copywriting is so important, words are bloody tricky things and can take you down the wrong path pretty easily.

A copywriter, and not just a Perth copywriter but an anywhere copywriter, is a person who writes copy. Here’s where it gets interesting again. What is copy? Why does my website talk about content? Is copy content and is content copy?

Copy is text created for the purpose of marketing or eliciting action from a consumer. If you read a website, magazine, brochure, billboard, or any other example of marketing, you’ll see copy.

Content is something created for an end-user. A blog has content. A book has content. A website has content. That content can be text, video, pictures, infographics, slideshows. It doesn’t matter.

Content can be copy. Copy is not usually content. Does it matter? Not especially. Why should you care? Well, it’s good to learn things.

A copywriter often writes copy and develops content as part of a larger marketing plan. But, if it’s just a bit of writing, why bother hiring a copywriter? Why not just do it yourself?

Why You Should Use a Copywriter

I’m going to be biased here because hey, I’m a copywriter, but why should you bother paying someone else to write things for your business when they don’t work for your business and you do work for your business and you speak English and know how to write things down?

Well, my literate friend, writing is harder than it looks. Writing is as much a science as it is an art. Copywriting even more so. Anybody can string a sentence together, but only an experienced professional can make a sentence jump off a page and fly font first into the eyeballs of your customer. Writing copy is a labour of love.

A good copywriter will get to know you and your business, research and invest time in your industry, find what is amazing about who you are and what you do and create copy that helps your customers see that too. You could have a go at it yourself, and maybe you’ll come up with something pretty good, but you definitely won’t produce anything close to what a copywriter can.

SEO Copywriting Too

The other beautiful thing about copywriters is that they’re multi-skilled, multi-talented, multi-faceted people who know much more than how to put words on a page. Knowing a lot of different words is a good weapon to have in the arsenal, no doubt, but knowing which of those words to use, how often, in what circumstances, is a real game-changer.

Most copywriters, ok, good copywriters, write with the reader in mind. But…as a copywriter you want to give your writing the best chance it has to be seen by your intended audience, and to do that in the age of the internet, you need to be optimized for search engines.

I’m being generous when I say search engines. You could replace that phrase with ‘Google’ and it would be more correct. Google is king of search. Don’t pretend like you Bing. Nobody Bing’s except by mistake. You might DuckDuckGo if you’re worried about big-data, but for most of us, if we want to find a company, figure out the lyrics to that Taylor Swift song we heard in the car, or learn how to perfectly poach an egg (swirl the water, don’t use vinegar), we Google it.

Copywriters identify what types of things your customers search for and create content that brings them to your site when they type it into the Google machine. It’s more complicated than just being creative with words though, there’s a lot that goes into SEO, and unless you’re experienced, you’ll waste time creating content nobody ever sees.

A Specialist Copywriter. What’s Your Niche?

Some copywriters work generally, writing across every industry. Others specialize, writing for niche markets. I try and go for a happy medium. I’m an experienced HR and HSEQ Manager in the Mining, Manufacturing, and Construction industries, so I have a lot of value to add to clients who work in these and the recruitment industries.

However, I’m a natural researcher and my skillset is cross-functional so I’m confident in writing for most types of business. I prefer to work with small to medium businesses and I have a strong set of principles that guide the types of companies I will and won’t work with. I work with people I know I can forge a strong relationship with, I won’t work with people who I don’t think I can help.

The Life of a Perth Copywriter

The reason I chose the life of a Perth copywriter is pretty simple. I love writing and I live in Perth. The other reason I am able to do what I do is that Perth, and other parts of WA, is an industrial hotspot. There is a multitude of small to medium businesses operating in lots of industries that need help putting themselves out there.

There aren’t a lot of copywriters in Perth. There are some marketing agencies and a lot of graphic design or web design services, but only a handful of dedicated copywriters.

So a Perth copywriter is a good copywriter to be. I do have interstate and international clients, but because of the nature of the work and the connected world we live in, I’m able to service them quite happily from Perth. I get to write in the sunshine.

The nice part about being a copywriter is that, despite it being a fairly solitary role, it’s an occupation that comes with a big community. I know a lot of copywriters around Australia and beyond, a lot of us specialize, and a lot of us refer clients to each other when we’re at capacity or when we feel someone else would be a better match.

It’s nice. It’s friendly. It’s a place of continuous learning. Some of the more successful among our group dedicate a lot of their time to growing the profession and helping others.

That hopefully answers a few questions about copywriting, about Perth copywriting, and about why you should hire a copywriter (maybe me?) As always, fire questions or queries over to hello@jordanoldbury.com, share this across your socials and leave me a comment on my ever-growing Facebook page.