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What is a Blog?

 Blog is short for ‘weblog’. It’s an online communications platform for your website that lets your business connect directly with your customers, clients, employees, competitors, and pretty much anyone else who has an interest in your business. 

It’s an amazing tool that allows you to set a tone for your business and to speak in your voice. You can keep your entire network updated on news, inform interested parties of change, and maintain transparency by reporting on issues and incidents you might have, and the amazing way you solved and learned from them. Your blog is also your main source of updated content. If you’re at all interested in ranking on Google, you need a blog. If you don’t have one already, get one now, you’re missing out.

Blog Copywriting

Now that we’ve agreed you need a blog, it’s time to explain how and why you should let us create the content for it. To be effective, your blog needs to engage your audience. There are multiple ways to achieve that, the easiest is with content they want:

How to Posts
Solutions to Common Issues
5 Ways This does This

Figuring out content for your blog is tough. Identifying keywords your audience use in searches is tougher. Combining the two and producing a well written post that utilises on and off post SEO, is shareable, and encourages conversions or other actions is even tougher still. 

We’re trained and experienced SEO writers who, with a little research and Q&A, can produce amazing and cost effective blog posts for your business.


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